15 Powerful Topic Ideas For Creating A Strong Dissertation In Education

Education has always been interesting and viable option to do Ph.D. in because it guarantees a direct involvement with the people. However, the same reason makes it that much harder to choose topics for one’s dissertation, since the subject is so woven into the tapestry of the lives and impacts them so directly. Thus, there is always a crying need among students to come up with strong and creative dissertation topics in the field of education. To help with the same, here are 15 powerful topic ideas for creating a strong dissertation in education:

  1. The encouragement of environment and development related courses for adults:
  2. Case Study on The experience of Homosexual people in college
  3. Do holistic educations pay enough attention to the extracurricular activities for a student, or cultivate only the academic aspect?
  4. Drug Scenes across college campuses
  5. Do students of the same gender perform better when placed with their own sex or when placed in a co-ed environment?
  6. Scholarship Awards: Legitimate help to students in need or merely a Public Relations activity?
  7. Social gaps among students in a school/college environment: cool vs. school
  8. Moral Science Education: how necessary is it in the contemporary education environment?
  9. Christina Counselling vs. Psychological Counselling for student in school: what are the effects of each?
  10. Screening procedures for selecting teachers for positions: should they be more stringent?
  11. Preparing for doom: Why doesn’t college tell students of the shortages of jobs in the industry?
  12. Theory vs. Practical: is it necessary to have a theoretically accurate understanding of concepts, or is practical experience suffice to help a student succeed in his or her life?
  13. Should online courses be made mandatory for college curriculums?
  14. Should students in the same class of grades be put together, and why? What effect will the action have on those who need additional help?
  15. How beneficial is homeschooling in a child’s early years, with an emphasis on psychological development?

Of course, the above topics aren’t the only choices one has. The world of education is vast and evolving at a constant pace, with each development ushering in new choices for everyone. You can also explore other topics such as Primary school education, special education, home schooling, pre-school education, discrimination among students in an educational environment, and a plethora of others.