Dissertation writing manual

Your dissertation may be one of the most complex and involved papers that you will write for school. It is designed to have the scholar add a new piece of knowledge to the knowledge pool. You will be expected to write a piece that is publishable, well thought out, and professional. It is usually one of the last steps of completing a Master’s Degree or PhD. Your dissertation will make a huge difference in your success so be sure to avoid common mistakes like these listed below.

Dissertation Writing Tips:
Avoiding Common Mistakes

Using a viewpoint that is too narrow

This is a common mistake that scholars make when writing their dissertation. They have narrowed their topic down so much that can’t pull the paper together so that it is cohesive. They have added concepts related to the topic but ones that are more suited for a more generalized topic and the paper just doesn’t flow nicely. So if you ever request ' help with my dissertation', make sure that your writer follow these rules.

Overlooking flow

When you are writing a research paper, it can be hard to concentrate on making your paper flow. To make sure that you are creating that flow that keeps readers interested, you should write an outline for your dissertation. This will help you organize your ideas and also make sure that you put the supporting details into a logical matter that keeps the continuity. Transitional phrases may be another helpful tool to use. When going from one topic to the next, you should explain to your reader how the two are connected. This can usually be done in a single sentence.

Use of writing style

Using “I” in almost all academic papers is unacceptable. It is especially unacceptable in your thesis and dissertation writing. You are building a scholarly paper and should keep in mind that you need to use proper grammar and punctuation.

Improper formatting style

Every school will require that your paper follows a particular formatting style. That means that you will have to determine what style they are requiring you to use and format your paper accordingly. These formatting styles are very strict. They tell you how big your margins should be, how far to indent your paragraphs, what font size and font style to use, how to set up your headings, and many other specific details. Make sure that you follow the formatting perfectly. There is nothing worse than having a wonderful paper rejected because it fails to follow a format.


One of the formatting requirements relates directly to the citation of sources. This is very important because you want to make sure that you are giving credit to the individuals that you got your information from. Without proper citation, it may be hard to give proper credit. This is a topic that is taken very seriously. You must have the proper citations and list all of your sources properly in the reference section.

Failure to cite a source

This is probably the worst mistake that you can make. If you get your information from a source, you have to give the author credit for their work. If you fail to do this, it is called plagiarism. This is a suspense worthy offense that can even get you kicked out of school. Even if it is a mistake that was not done intentionally, you can still get in trouble. Take it very seriously and make sure if you get a direct quote to give credit to the source and cite it properly. If you can avoid these common mistakes, you will be ahead of the game. You can avoid a lot of the hassle that other students will have to endure.