Recommendations On Getting A Dissertation Outline Example

Experts agree that one of the best ways to keep organized, especially when working on a long assignment like a dissertation, is to create an outline which can be used throughout the writing process as a tool to keep your writing on track. Unfortunately, many students prefer not to even bother with an outline, deciding to just wing-it for several months. This is a terrible approach, especially when you consider that there are many outline examples out there that can be tremendously helpful. Here are some recommendations on getting great examples to work from:

Purchasing an Example from a Professional Writing Service

The most convenient place to go to get any type of homework assistance is to a professional writing service. There you can purchase whole papers, proofreading and editing services and, of course, dissertation outlines. You can get either a sample or one designed specifically for your topic and area of study. Be sure to purchase one early in the year so that you can always go back and get a revision if the original doesn’t quite meet your expectations.

Finding a Sample in a Writing Style Guide

Another great place to look for a sample is in whatever style guide you will need to consult to finish your project. Each discipline will have a recommended style guide to follow – MLA, APA, Chicago, etc. – and each guide will have suggestions for how to craft a great outline. Remember that these are only suggestions so you are completely free to customize your own to fit your preferred style.

Visiting a Writing Help Center

Most campus will have a homework help center where you can find a number of resources to help you with your dissertation. Check out a few sample outlines and identify the one that best fits your project. If at all possible see if you can find one that relates to your dissertation topic. This way you will be more comfortable crafting your work using terms and methodologies you are familiar with.

Getting One from an Online Community

If you visit a writer’s forum or chatroom you will find a number of students or PhD graduates that are more than happy to provide you with examples of their past work. Again, it’s best if you work with something you are familiar with, so see if you can find a community member who has or is working on earning a degree in your discipline for the best possible assistance.