Basic Instructions For Completing The Discussion Part Of A Dissertation

The discussion portion of a dissertation is one of the most crucial aspects and it is important that you pay specific attention to this section. Part of the problem is that every dissertation is original and so you are on your own when it comes to the discussion part. However, the basic thing you must do is critically go through all your findings in context of your subject and then post your judgements regarding what has been learnt in the course of the term paper.

Where to start?

You must have confidence in your findings and make knowledge claims. You should possess the confidence to state that something is true and then offer supporting arguments. This is, however, rather risky since if you do not do your homework carefully and approach the essay with the right mind set, you might face doubt yourself and not be clear when explaining the subject to the readers.

The discussion part requires creative thinking and you have to approach the entire thesis in an analytical manner. Use your imagination to switch gears mentally and come up with stylistic choices which complement your writing.

Some more help

In order to successfully complete the discussion, you could take the following points into consideration:

  • You can always go for the compare and contrast research method where you draw a table to describe how your work is similar in nature and how exactly it differs from others. Each of these points may be used as a prompt for writing a short paragraph on why.

  • You could take another approach and show exactly why the results of the discussion mean nothing. Sometimes, when you force yourself to argue the opposite position, you end up highlighting the ideas or the relationships which are worth exploring.

  • It often helps to have the right kind of audience and gain their feedback on what works and what does not in your freelance paper. You could sit down with a friend and then explain the results of your study to him/her while recording yourself at the time. Given the advancements made in the field of technology, you might even make use of voice recognition software to ask your computer about its preliminary thoughts on the subject. A lot of people feel that when you talk, it becomes easier to express your ideas and make sense of what you are trying to convey. Alternatively, you could jot down the points in an email to someone and ask for feedback.