11 Dissertation Research Ideas On Animals In Medical Experiments

Animal testing has been prominent for a number of years within the medical world. Aside from humans some animals are used to test medicine, makeup and other products. There are a number of topics that can be researched for academic purposes. Below are a few ideas that could be researched further in order to write a dissertation.

Which stance to take

There are no signs of resolution as to whether it is morally right or wrong to do medical experiments on animals. Because the topic is subject to moral obligations it is important to research your thesis topic extensively i.e. you should not leave any loose ends. Before choosing which option you are going to go for you should have a look at both stances in order to cover all corners. This in itself is a good way to start your paper. For example, some topic ideas could be:

  • Is it morally correct to use animals in medical experiments?

  • What are the factors that mean animal testing is morally wrong and should not be legal?

  • What are the key factors that make animal testing acceptable from a medical point of view?

Writing a thesis against animal testing

When writing a paper that is taking a stance against using animals in medical experiments, there are some key factors to keep in mind. The fact that animals and humans are not so different is a good place to start. When tests are done on humans to register pain, a similar process happens with animals. Topic examples could be:

  • Why is it acceptable to cause pain to animals for medical purposes but not humans? When testing pharmaceutical drugs, the same problem comes into play. The drugs tested on animals sometimes do not work on humans, therefore:

  • Could more be done to avoid animals suffering for nothing? I.e., if the drugs do not work on humans are we causing pain to animals for no reason? And, how could we as a society avoid this? Similarly:

  • Are we wasting more money on ineffective drugs tested on animals than on finding cures?

  • Because of the diversity in anatomy and genetics, can most of these drugs really be used on humans?

Writing a thesis for animal testing

The argument can swing both ways. Often animals are used as well as other means of testing medication therefore animals are used sparingly and not as the sole way of testing medicine. Thanks to the evolution of technology we are able to not use animals in a lot of testing, a dissertation topic could be:

  • Is it not worth the money and testing on animals to make medical breakthroughs that save our population?

  • Has the evolution of our technology enables us to save animals lives?

  • Will we be able to provide our population with the right quality of medication without medical testing?

And the list goes on

Either argument can be justified, but it is very important to research every aspect of an argument. A number of dissertation writing services are tackling subjects like this every day. If you would like to get an extra pair of hands to help you write your dissertation, you can get online help here today!