Social Policy Dissertation Topics:20 Great Suggestions

Social policy is a subject that can start many debates since everybody has a different opinion, and they can become very passionate about the topic. It is recommended to avoid the topics that require you to take a side, and to analyze the ones that allow you to be objective. Here are some of them:

  1. Gun control. In some states, owning a gun is perfectly legal, and this leads very often to unfortunate accidents.
  2. Gay marriage. Even if it was legalized in many western states, in some countries, it is a taboo subject.
  3. Organ donation. The medical benefits of this practice are clear, but the moral aspect is debatable.
  4. Discrimination. Even the most developed countries in the world could not erase this phenomenon yet.
  5. Adoption by gay couples. There are only a few states that allow this because most of the governments seem to think it can affect the normal development of the child.
  6. Legalization of marijuana. The recent legalization lead to a big number of protests, but also a large number of supporters.
  7. Marital rape. In these cases, the aggressor is only punished for violence, but not for the rape, since it is considered that it is a right of the husband to have relations with his wife.
  8. Positive discrimination. The members of certain minorities get benefits like free places in schools or economic help.
  9. Abortion. There are different opinions; the most reliable ones come from medical and religious point of view.
  10. Legal age for drinking alcohol. While in the USA it is 21, in most of Europe it is 18 or even 16.
  11. Euthanasia. It is considered a sin by religious people, but a relief for sick patients.
  12. Free education. In some parts of the world, parents need to make consistent loan in the banks to be able to support their child in college.
  13. Prostitution. The legalization of prostitution is considered to be a good way to keep the population safe and to improve the economy.
  14. Obligatory army. Some states still maintain this practice however the majority keeps the Army strictly optional.
  15. Polygamy. It is permitted in most of African and Asian countries, but only under strict conditions.
  16. Health insurance. It is a basic human right to have access to medical treatment, but without insurance it can get really pricey.
  17. Pornography. Many voices say that it is against morals, while others see it as a standard form of art.
  18. Freedom of expression. Sometimes it can be extended to an aggressive level.
  19. Rehabilitation of criminals. Some countries have very successful programs to reintegrate criminals in the society.
  20. Child abuse. The punishment is severe worldwide, but some regions do not have too many ways to prevent or detect it.