Selecting A Strong Undergraduate Dissertation Topic

Undergraduate students often have trouble selecting a strong topic for their dissertations. They are not sure what kind of research they should conduct or how to describe their findings. Fortunately, there are plenty of different tips and tricks that you can use to compose a great theme for your paper. To get started, study the simple guidelines below:

  • Learn what topic is a strong one.
  • You should avoid simplistic and broad questions. Your study idea should be controversial and able to be argued in different ways. It is great if you select a theme that requires comparison and analysis. You should be able to investigate a chosen subject in depth and have a clear research question to answer. Although it is hard to think of something that has not been done before, remember that your work should be original.

  • Remember that the chosen topic should fit your dissertation’s requirements.
  • If you use a brainstorming technique, you may come up with dozens of good ideas. However, it is important to research these ideas in order to ensure that they fit your assignment. For example, consider whether you can reveal a chosen argument by using existing literature sources, or if you need to conduct an experiment that takes lots of time. In other words, you should make your research manageable.

  • Check different sources of inspiration.
  • If you feel like you are procrastinating, it is a good idea to search for inspiration. You can revise past class notes, look through examples in your textbook, talk to your classmates about the subject area, or watch news and movies. Do not hesitate to get a collection of sample undergraduate dissertation ideas. Remember to write down all the subjects that you come up with, so you will be able to refer to them later.

  • Think about your title.
  • After you come up with your research theme, it can be descriptive or formulated as a question. However, it is recommended that you spend some time and compose a working title, so you can narrow down your research idea and focus your study. It also makes sense to visit your supervisor to get the title approved. Keep in mind that you can adjust your title after you write your rough draft, if needed.

The points provided above will help you choose an appropriate topic for your dissertation. Your work should show that you can conduct independent research, collect and assess information and data, describe key findings, critically evaluate them, and complete the assignment before the deadline.