Formatting A Dissertation Cover Page In The APA Style: A Step-By-Step Guide

As a student, you may not know how best a good academic paper should look like but at least you will be well endowed with requisite writing tips before you can be handed such an assignment by your tutor. There is pretty much that goes into crafting a term paper like dissertation and with regards to writing styles admissible in academia; you will not want to ruin your otherwise good paper by mixing different styles. American Psychological Association, abbreviated as APA is a leading academic writing style and based on what your institution of higher learning recommends, it may just turn out that this is the most preferred one.

With regard to APA style of academic paper composition, various writing prospects should be taken into consideration and they include paper formatting, referencing and citation. In this post, we take a closer look at APA cover page formatting and the question whose answer we are seeking to answer later in this post is, how are you supposed to compose your APA term paper cover page? Further, are there similarities with other type of writing styles? If not, what are the variations? Hereafter, as discussed in this article, is a step by step guide on just how a student is required to format his or her dissertation. It is therefore important to make sure your paper satisfies the benchmarks before you consider handing it over to your supervisor.

Title placement

Well, the title remains the most important section of cover page formatting and so, it should always be appearing at the top of the page. It should however be centrally placed.

Author’s name

After the title page, the next item to be including when formatting this section of your academic paper is the name of the author. There should only be a single space between the title and the author’s name. Also, this should come below the title page and precisely beneath it.

Name of the institution

There is always not much included in title page and so after the author’s name is well placed, the name of the institution follows suit with a single space bar entry. However, ensure that it is directly below the name of the author.

Lastly, at the bottom of the page, you can include the date of publication which is usually part of a brief author’s note.