Looking For A Good Dissertation Proposal Format Example

Examples are great and can help you a lot because they provide a pattern you can follow. If you are able to locate a proposal format example for your dissertation then you’ll be well on your way to writing a winning proposal. Here’s what you should be looking for in the example:

  1. Title page – this includes pertinent information.

  2. 2.
  3. Abstract – should be brief – not to exceed 350 words. It should summarize the introduction, problem statement, background, hypothesis, methods and procedures

  4. 3.
  5. Introduction – provides a broad overview of the issues, circumstances and background behind the problem the dissertation is going to address

  6. 4.
  7. Problem statement – clearly identifies the purpose of the paper and how the paper can advance knowledge in the specific field

  8. 5.
  9. Background – provides the reader with relevant empirical and theoretical works which are the grounding to the topic under study. Shows what the body of knowledge is that already exists and how the dissertation can add something new to that body of knowledge.

  10. 6.
  11. Hypothesis or research question. Your entire project rides on this, so state it clearly and concisely.

  12. 7.
  13. Your proposed methods and procedures – this will depend on how you are going to conduct the study, what types of information you are seeking and analyzing, and you should state how you want this to be done.

  14. 8.
  15. Limitations or weaknesses of the study as well as what impact they may have on your findings and your application of the data.

  16. 9.
  17. References, making sure you use standard citation principles.

Having an example to look at will give you even more information than just the step-by-step technique given above. It’s very helpful to see how an expert has completed a proposal and what it should look like as well as what’s included and what isn’t.

The best place to obtain a good example would be online. Be wary of accepting just any old free example unless it comes from a reputable place like an educational website such as a university website, or a trustworthy online paper writing site. They will often have samples or examples prepared for students. You will want one in the same field or discipline you are in so the styles are the same. For example, if your dissertation is in business administration, don’t use a proposal format example for modern history. They may be two totally different things.