Easy Tips For Students: Looking For Examples Of Dissertation Abstracts

A dissertation is the final project you have to complete at the end of a Masters or Doctoral program. In some cases a thesis is required instead. This will need to be presented to a panel of qualified professors from your university and the outcome of that process can go a long way to deciding whether you pass or fail your course.

The written aspect of this project is made up of several parts, one of them being the abstract. As this section comes at the very front of your paper, it is a good idea to make sure it is properly formatted and clearly expresses the ideas that the reader will encounter as he or she continues to read. If you aren’t sure how to write one, this need not cause you concern, there are many places where you can find high quality samples that will show you how to progress. Consider the following:

The campus library

Most of the resources you need to successfully complete any piece of academic writing can be found here. It should be the first place you look. If navigating the place is difficult for you because you do not spend much time there, carry a friend who visits regularly or ask the librarians to assist you.

The professor

Your dissertation is your own work but most colleges assign a professor to supervise you throughout the process so that you are less likely at any point to bite of more than you can chew. If you explain your predicament, he or she may provide you with some high quality samples. Even though you are more concerned with the abstracts, it is a good idea to read the entire paper. A good abstract is good partially because of how well it related to the information in the rest of its study.

The World Wide Web

This is a good resource to use if you enjoy lengthy treasure hunts. You can end up looking through all kinds of dubious documents until you finally come across something that could be useful to you. If you aren’t certain of your ability to tell good work from bad, ask a friend to help you. It is worth owing them a favor.

If you are unable at the end of this search to find the sample that you need, remember that you can always look for a template instead.