Where To Find A Good Dissertation Table Of Contents Example Without Trouble

If you are writing a dissertation it is going to be a long arduous process, one which is best characterized by many sleepless nights and months of typing. That being said when you were trying to craft your table of contents one of the best things that you can have by your side is a good example. An example of your dissertation table of contents will show you exactly what is required by your institution and how your final product should appear.

So where should you find this dissertation example?

  • The first place you should look is your advisor. Ask your advisor if they can supply you with either just a table of contents or the whole example from another student. Your advisor is of valuable resource because any sample they provide for you has already been approved by your review board this means that if you follow the example your dissertation is likely to be approved as well. If they are unwilling to provide you with an example or they do not have one on hand, you can always turn to your library.
  • Look at your school library. Try and stick to your school in particular because if you are getting your dissertation published at a particular academic institution, you'll want to find an example of the table of contents that has already been approved by that Academic institution. Your school library should contain many samples that have been previously published by students just like yourself in the stacks. You can use the library database system to locate the examples within the confines of your school. Bear in mind that some schools may not publish every single approved dissertation in a tangible copy. This does not mean that you are out of luck. It simply means that they have a digital copy instead. This may in fact prove better for you. If you can use your library website or database to locate a digital copy of your sample, you can copy and print just the table of contents and save yourself the cost of photocopying the entire paper.
  • If you absolutely cannot find one at your academic institution you can always ask your library and if they know of any affiliated institutions where you can find a sample. Look to be used for a sample that you can use a print.