A List Of Concise And Focused Dissertation Topics On Law

After spending weeks studying for exams, few students want to spend their remaining time brainstorming a law dissertation topic. Rather than waste precious hours on this task, students can use one of the following essay ideas. These ideas can be used as they are written or modified for a completely original topic idea.

Dissertation Ideas

  • How effective is the building block model for the European Union's competition loss? Instead of this model should the rule of reason model be used like in United States law?
  • Explain the character, capacity and choice concepts that are used in determining culpability?
  • What is required for an anti-trust case to exist? How do prima facie anti-trust acts improve the stabilization of economic markets?
  • What are legal avenues that a prisoner has to appeal their case? How do these avenues fail to prevent the convictions of the innocent?
  • How can private enforcement of competition claims be improved? Should there be a better approach using European Union Competition Law?
  • What are Bad Samaritan laws? Explain and critique the law of omissions liability.
  • How do the United States and European Union approaches to mergers and acquisitions vary?
  • What are some of the benefits of adopting a rehabilitative criminal justice system model instead of a retributive model?
  • Compare the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) to United States sales law. Which one works best for international sales and contracts?
  • What are some of the problems that limit the criminal justice system from identifying the extent and nature of crime?
  • What is the place of morality within criminal law?
  • How has the War on Terror shaped international criminal law?
  • In what ways does commercial law satisfy the needs of the commercial community?
  • What formed the basis of the American legal system?
  • How effective is the international commercial arbitration system?
  • What are legal techniques for protecting the rights of minority shareholders? What remedies do they have?
  • What legal justifications exist for the 2008 bailout of insolvent corporations?
  • What are the arguments again the concept of stakeholder theory?
  • How successful are class action lawsuits at remedying discrimination in the workplace?
  • Should family law be reformed?
  • In some states, police are required to arrest someone if they are called out for domestic abuse. How does this discourage abused spouses from seeking legal action against their abuser? Should the domestic abuse laws be reformed?
  • What are the social and legal foundations that allow/do not allow for gay marriage and civil partnership?
  • Investigate the historical development of a woman's right to own property in the United States.
  • What role does the government play in ensuring the welfare of a child?