Where Should I Look For A Good Dissertation Template?

A dissertation is often the most important piece of written work in a scholar’s life. To be able to research a topic and utilize years of knowledge to make something out of it, something from your perspective, takes great command over the subject and greater proficiency in writing skills. Students aiming for a postgraduate or doctorate degree often find thesis-writing to be somewhat a cumbersome task, especially because:

  • They are usually stressed out due to academic pressure.

  • They don’t know where to start.

  • They are not aware of the sources available for help in thesis-writing.

If you fall into the third category then this is an article for you. Once you have decided on the topic you can start looking for a template. A good template will make your work much easier.

You can find good templates in the following places:

  1. The Internet
    • Websites which provide templates
    • You can find readily downloadable templates in various websites for academic papers. You can even choose the ones which are the most compatible with your computer’s operating system. These services are free of cost.

    • Websites which provide free samples
    • You will find a lot of theses samples in various websites. You can go through a few of them and form your own template if you had some problems with the previous option.

    • Websites for article writing
    • These are agencies which provide users with articles in exchange of money. Though it doesn’t make sense as to why someone would pay for something they can get for free on the internet, note that these websites provide original and professional quality papers. That is, you need not just look for a template; instead, you’ll receive your whole paper without having to worry about a thing. But what is the point of a dissertation when you can’t write it yourself? So it is better to keep this option as a last resort.

  2. The Library
  3. All institutions have libraries which house a collection of theses written by their students in order to get a degree. All you have to do is to go to the library of your institution and look at a few of them to get an idea of the format and form a template from that.

  4. Books
  5. There are many books available in the market which can guide you through the process of thesis-writing. You can either buy such books online or from bookstores, or borrow some from a library. These books have all the steps to create an excellent academic paper. A benefit of buying hard-copy books is that you can use them according to your own time, unlike with those borrowed from libraries, and it is much easier on the eyes when compared to internet browsing.

  6. Professors
  7. Your professors have probably seen a lot of papers and guided many students like you. So they may be having some great templates up their sleeve. Make use of their experience and guidance.