The 17 Best Dissertation Topics About Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology is the study of determining and treating mental conditions, mental disabilities, and mental illnesses. A dissertation in Clinical Psychology is going to have a strong amount of case studies, surveys, and lab work. You can decide to focus on a field, a disease, or a famous person in the industry for your paper. There are many topics to choose from for your paper.

We have listed our 17 Favorite Ideas for You to Consider:

  1. Accident trauma-what it is and how it is treated, is it curable
  2. Acute Stress Disorders-definitions and treatments, symptoms
  3. Anorexia Nervosa-the symptoms, conditions, and cures
  4. Battered Women’s Conditions and Syndromes-definitions, cures, and advancements
  5. Child Abuse-mental, emotional and physical abuses
  6. Chronic Fatigue-the many myths as well as the truths
  7. Depression-be specific because this is a very general topic
  8. Divorce and Separation-the possible consequences, and the different stages of the healing process
  9. Domestic violence-male, female, child, sibling, extended family
  10. A Famous Psychologist- such as Albert Ellis, Milton Erickson, Freud, Jung, Pavlov, or Erik Erikson…once you pick the person, you will want to explore the person, his or her life, his or her works, and his or her failures/successes
  11. Impulse Control Disorders-pick one because otherwise the field would be too general
  12. Kleptomania-the thrill of staling, the reasons for the need, the possible cures
  13. Manipulation-decide a sub-field such as in love, with children, or Borderline Personality Disorders
  14. Obsessive/Compulsive Disorders-a very broad field that will need narrowing
  15. Pedophiles and Pedophilia-cures or is it impossible, the origin, and the definitions
  16. Phobias-decide on one or two (compare and contrast) such as height, spiders, closed places, or water
  17. Rape (or an other violent crimes)-the short and long term symptoms

Writing your dissertation is the pinnacle of your academic career. You will want to do your best composing ever and to hire a writing company if writing and researching are not your strengths. Meet often with your faculty advisor for help and guidance during the lengthy process. This paper may take up to a year to research and compose. Picking the perfect topic for you is very important. You can use one of our innovative topics for your subject, or maybe one of our 17 ideas will help and then inspire you to develop a similar subject idea for your piece.