A List Of Catchy Postgraduate Dissertation Topics

It's time. You can't ignore the matter any longer. It's here. Dissertation time! Take your head out of the sand because you need to start thinking. You need to know what topic to pick. You need to know what questions you're going to ask and what conclusions you could hope to achieve within that topic, and you need to make the title catchy too! It may seem like a tall task, but hey- who said a postgraduate dissertation was supposed to be easy? With hard work, organization, original thinking and well written and proofed work, you can't go wrong. Just take things step by step.

So, the first step is knowing what that all-important topic and title should be. Ask yourself: what issues am I most passionate about? What do I know a lot about? Can I obtain the necessary background information to shape my essay intentions fully?

The best postgraduate dissertations are original in either topic or the way the topic is explored, ones that are written with passion and knowledge about the subject, and ones which give the reader not only a full understanding of the subject at hand, but they also leave them with new ideas, facts and questions.

To get you started on thinking about types of postgraduate dissertation topics and ways of phrasing the title subject, here are a few great examples from various different study subjects:

  • The cyclic patterns of domestic violence: can they ever be stopped?
  • Asexuality: a third sex for the twenty-first century?
  • How decriminalizing drugs would decrease the pressures and expenses of American prisons.
  • Is the American government hypocritical with their policy of the death penalty?
  • The evidence that GMO may lead to Autism: what everyone needs to know.
  • How dangerous is Ebola globally?
  • Does Shakespeare's poetry survive in translation?
  • Nearly half a century on, how much impact did Germaine Greer's The Female Eunuch really have on the female equality of today?
  • The Council of Nicaea's influence over what would become modern day Christianity.
  • How the trial of Oscar Wilde was integral in public awareness of homosexual individuals and how the public's opinions changed over a century.
  • 15 minutes of fame: Why Andy Warhol was right.
  • The reaction to Picasso's Guernica at the time of its unveiling and what meaning and importance it still holds to this very day.
  • Comedians who committed suicide: does the best comedy always come from tragedy?
  • Is Jack Kerouac responsible for modern day gap year backpacking?
  • How the contradictions between quantum mechanics and classical physics could conceivably be united in a Universal Theory.