A List Of Unique MSc Social Work Dissertation Ideas

If you are working on your social work Master’s degree and are starting to plan for your dissertation, then it’s a good idea to consider some of the topics we have listed below. Even if you don’t decide to choose any of these ideas, you’re sure to brainstorm some of your own.

  1. Effects of Different Stimuli on People. How do different kinds of stimuli – verbal, visual, etc. – affect their behaviors and life situations? Can a focus on stimuli by social workers help improve industry practices?
  2. Hospital Deportations and Social Work. Studies show that when patients move from one location to another that their health is put into risk. What can social work be involved in to ensure that risks are minimized?
  3. Implications of School Suspensions. Many jobs in social work are for school districts or communities with low income families. Evaluate the effects of school suspension on the parents, children or even caregivers.
  4. Promotion of Foster Care Placement Stability. There is a lot of research on the harmful psychological, social and even academic consequences of foster care that are deemed unstable. What can we learn about how decisions are being made?
  5. Behavior Modification Success. This makes for a great dissertation topic because most social work jobs are about helping clients change actions in order to improve their situations. What kind of tactics seem to work the most?
  6. Traits of Successful Relationships. Certain friendships (i.e., women and women, women and men, or men and men) can all tell us more about how friendships are forged and what traits make them last and make them helpful in helping clients. What traits are proven to be the most telling?
  7. Alternative Spiritual Assessments. Some clients don’t feel comfortable talking about spirituality with their case workers or may not entirely understand the questions. How can this kind of assessment by modified for increased success?
  8. Social Work with the Elderly. Social work for the elderly is a large part of the practice; however, it’s one of the least funded of the sub-groups. What improvements need to be made to change this?
  9. Challenges of Evidence-Based Practice on the Elderly. It’s difficult to get an accurate assessment of how different practices work, because it’s hard to identify if the elderly understand survey questions or are reporting health accurately. What other challenges exist?