Nine Powerful Thesis Topic Ideas On Public Health

Many are the occasions that you have been asked to be very careful when you are choosing the right topic for your thesis paper. There are so many lecturers, professors, teachers and tutors that make sure that they stress this point when they are teaching you how to go about some of these tasks. This is not just some song that teachers love to sing, but it is actually something that is really important for you, something that you must always take seriously.

In most cases the title that you choose to write on will either earn you some marks or will certainly take away some marks from you. The difference however lies in how well you are able to soundly construct your arguments, and make sure that you prove a point. When you are writing on public health, your ideas must be clear, because just like a science, there is no room for error in this paper. You must have facts, use facts and make sure that you do not do anything other than what is expected of you. With that in mind, here are some really good ideas that you can use for writing your paper:

  1. Discuss the relationship between chronic illnesses and communicable disease, focusing your discussion on the relationship between diabetes and TB
  2. Examine the challenges of clostridium difficile infection (CDI) in as far as prevention and treatment are concerned and the highlights of introducing a new vaccine
  3. Patient safety data has always been a subject of contentious discussion in different health sectors. Discuss and propose ways of solving the problem
  4. Discuss some of the factors that affect the adoption, effectiveness and acceptance of the use of MRI in some of the low resource parts of the world such as developing countries
  5. Assess the impact and importance of care based intervention of communicable diseases, with a reference to TB, from an individual point of view
  6. Control and decision making for paramedics is never easy. Discuss with relevant case studies, and inference to professional culture, demographics and education level
  7. Discuss the effectiveness of the use of face masks to protect health workers in different activity zones
  8. Explain some of the reasons and challenges, and how to overcome some of the barriers to vaccinating the elderly against pneumococcus
  9. Discuss how the zoster morbidity has been affected by the zoster vaccines