The Ultimate Guide To Writing A Doctoral Thesis: How To Make Your Paper Shine

The doctoral thesis can be easily made to shine so long as you are able to follow the information listed below:

  • The dissertation is the start of a new beginning, a chance for you to define your professional identity and build your skills as a writer. It will be considered your first piece of serious academic work.
  • Not only is the dissertation a new writing assignment but it is a very large one and a very independent one. Think of the dissertation much like writing a book. It will be a self-directed process with no weekly deadlines or regular discussions with those in your class. You won't have assigned reading assignments and no one will be there telling you what to do. Instead you are on your own, tasked with writing something bigger than you've ever written before and finding yourself without a support not to push you. This independence can be very intimidating for many students but with the right planning and perseverance it can be done.
  • It is great to commit entirely to the dissertation early on because it gives you the chance to build writing skills which you can use for the rest of your career. While the dissertation might be the first exposure to this type of writing it is certainly not the last time you will use the skills which you acquired during the writing process. Unlike the study strategies that you have to develop in order to pass the test, writing your dissertation allows you to develop valuable research and writing skills. You can learn how to think analytically, how to synthesize complicated information, how to organize your time, and how to write something well. All of these skills will support you in your work schedules and your research strategies especially if you decide to work in academia where you will be required to write lectures, books, and articles for many years.
  • The dissertation itself may become an important document especially early on in your career. If you take time to develop your dissertation you can transform it after you graduate into a series of articles or a book which can help to launch your career in academia. Unlike previous papers which just received a passing grade and then were stuffed into a filing cabinet, you can take your dissertation and revise it for many years to come.