Free Academic Writing Tips on How to Make Your Dissertation Look Better

If you want to create a great dissertation, you should have excellent writing skills that are based on knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, some students may fail if they haven’t yet gained the necessary competencies. To succeed in your academic career, use these writing tips to help you improve your dissertation.

  1. Start your dissertation project as soon as possible.
  2. Dissertation writing is not a kind of work you can complete in a few days. Therefore, it is better not to postpone it for long. Note that you will need at least a year to finish your dissertation.

  3. Choose a writing approach.
  4. Some students proceed to the writing part only after the research; others try to combine these two activities. No matter what approach you choose, your investigation cannot last forever. After some time, you will have to focus completely on the writing.

  5. Show your advisor your dissertation drafts and listen to his or her advice.
  6. It is another reason to start early while you still have enough time to introduce considerable changes into your work. If you have difficulties with writing, your academic advisor is the first person you need to ask for advice from. Make an appointment with him or her to discuss your ideas and submit a draft for revision.

  7. Try to find a couple of hours for your dissertation and perform a certain amount of work every day.
  8. It is important to make a plan that is suitable for you. Work on your paper for short periods – no more than 30 minutes, and then take breaks. From time to time when you are not very busy, you should devote the whole day to your dissertation writing. You may take a day off, but make sure to work some extra hours for the next few days.

  9. Create lists to organize your work.
  10. Do not keep everything in mind – this will allow you to forget something important. Make lists of urgent, important, and optional tasks. Divide large tasks into smaller ones to manage them effectively. As soon as you have completed a task, add it to a “done list.”

  11. Leave time for revising.
  12. Proofreading is just as important as any other stage of your paper writing, and you should not neglect it. Your dissertation may consist of 50 or 150 pages; either way, it may take much time to revise every page of it properly. Make sure that it meets all the requirements before submitting it to the committee.