Where To Look For A Proofread Chemistry Dissertation Example

Your dissertation is an extremely important moment in your studies. All Chemistry students striving to obtain their Master’s degree should be certain to write a dissertation that is strong and compelling. Brainstorming to find ideas can be the hardest part of the process, and sometimes the best source of inspiration comes from pre-existing material. Writing samples that come from real students are the best source of direction when tackling your own assignment. Here are some suggestions of places that might have proofread examples for your Chemistry assignment:

  • Professors: Your professor is likely to have held onto old papers from past students. Once your class starts discussing the project, you can approach your professors or other faculty members and ask to see any work that they can show you of both a good and bad example. Since the work has already been graded, your professor has already gone through and made all corrections and typos for you to take note of.
  • Library: The library also has old papers with corrections included. You can take note of all syntactical corrections made and see if you’ve made any of the same mistakes. Plus, with papers from the library, you can see comments of how certain things were perceived and understood by the reader.
  • Textbooks: Textbooks and guides on dissertations, especially pertaining to the subject of Chemistry, will often provide a breakdown of a variety of real dissertation examples with comments on what makes each of them good and bad. With these, you can see what works and what doesn’t, and gain insight from an established institute.
  • Peers: If you know someone who recently underwent the same process you’re going through, ask to review their finished work. Since your thesis project is so huge, many students hold onto theirs once the year is over as a keepsake. Ask to either hold onto or just glance over their work and the comments provided so that you can form a better foundation.

With the right approach, your Chemistry dissertation doesn’t have to be science. Write about what you know, and write about what you enjoy. For the most part, all of the same rules apply to this project as all other assignments, so just view it as an exceptionally large but normal assignment. To get started on the right direction, ask around to see if you can collect proofread samples of real dissertations from real students.