Selecting Strong Dissertation Topics On Criminal Law In Different Countries

Picking up a topic for your upcoming dissertation is just the first step of the process. It may be the most important decision that you will have to take, though. You should carefully decide the headline in order to create a high-quality document on a topic that you are familiar with. You could also pick a topic that allows you to carry out a research if you are willing to learn more about criminal law. In this article, we give you some appealing headline to get started.

  1. In English Law, is the defence of diminished responsibility fairly constructed at this moment?
  2. Is there enough fairness in the approach that criminal law has to omissions?
  3. Do you think that corporations should become responsible for the act of some of its organs in order to have more fairness?
  4. Law of rape: is it sufficient enough in its current status? Are rightful victims protected as well as any misuse prevented?
  5. Are the new technologies applies to the whole process of trial right now?
  6. What further developments in this regard are yet to come?
  7. Do you think that the treatment of expert witness is fit for purpose nowadays?
  8. Should DNA and forensic evidence be scrutinised by the legal protection to any extent?
  9. What differences are there in Bad Character Evidence between US model and English Law?
  10. Analyze the legal definition of rape according to the law of various countries. Is there any notable variance?
  11. Analyze the questioning of suspects in detail and the consequences in trials.
  12. How is sexual harassment punished in different countries?
  13. Parole Probation in different states and countries: the most outstanding differences.
  14. Knife Crimes in the UK: how to handle this type of violence.
  15. Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act: are both the same or are there significant differences?
  16. Theft, ownership and possession in English Law and US model.
  17. The definition of murder has changed over time: analyze the evolution.
  18. Analyze the relevance that cyber crimes have got over the past few years.
  19. How do Fast Track Courts work in various countries?
  20. Analyze the punishment for the same crimes in different countries: do you find significant differences?
  21. What are the latest developments in dealing with sexual harassment in your country? Are these measures effective?