Composing A Strong Literature Review: Free Dissertation Help

Literature review is a very vital part of your dissertation. Students often face trouble with this section because they do not have previous experience with this area. They hardly know the features and purpose their assignment should meet. This article will help you write a winning piece and understand the basic purpose of your document.

The purpose of a literature review

A literature review is supposed to give background knowledge and history of a certain topic analyzing the existing published material. The person, who is carrying out this process, needs to be very objective during his research and writing, and he should critically analyze every piece individually. The basic purpose of such document is to give a history to the reader about what has already been discussed so far about the subject. The writer should also be able to identify a potential niche that he or she will address. They must be able to show why there is a lack in this field and how they can address it. You are free to analyze and evaluate different research methodologies, data findings, experimentation and conclusions during this process.

The body of your paper

The body of your paper must be about including various relevant research pieces and analyzing them. You should compare and contrast each piece individually. This includes research papers, journal articles, books, case studies, term papers, dissertations and reviews etc. you need to keep in mind that the total space that you allocate to a certain piece holds for its significance to your research. While writing the body of your paper, you should have concrete data to build upon and write very clear and precise summary of each piece. Do not include something that does not add value to your paper and seems irrelevant. This section must be able to give clear and bold guidelines to your reader about the already published material, its strengths, weaknesses and importance to your research.

The conclusion of your paper

After you complete writing the body, the last paragraph in your paper should be the conclusion.

This is where you will summarize everything you have discussed so far in the body. Remember that the conclusion should not talk about any new ideas and should only talk about the ones that are a part of your body of the paper. Compare and show how you can improve the existing literature through your research.