How to Find a Great Dissertation Methodology Example for Free

When writing a dissertation, students should read through samples before they create their outline. With an example, the student can gain a better understanding of the entire writing process. They can view a sample thesis and learn how the writer structured their argument. In addition, they can use the example for outline tips and research techniques. If the paper is on a similar topic, they can even use the sources provided in their own paper.

Example Dissertations

Before a professor started teaching, they had to write a dissertation as well. Due to this, they are excellent resources for tips and ideas. They may have example essays in their office. At the very least, they will be able to help the student find examples. Whenever students need assistance, they can always turn to their professor for help.


Once a dissertation is complete, the university will normally store a copy in the library. These copies may be stored in a digital format or they may be available in a book format. If the student cannot find these examples on their own, they can always ask a librarian for assistance. For extra help, students can visit the writing section of their library. This portion of the library will contain guides and manuals on writing academic essays.

Academic Databases

Universities and scholarly sites will generally have essays available for free. Within these essays, students will find a methodology section that they can use. If the university does not offer links to an academic database, students can look for a database that caters to their subject area. Ideally, students will find a paper that is in the same subject area. This will make it easier to copy the formatting style and outline of the methodology.

Basic Searches

A basic search of the Internet will turn up a variety of different methodologies. Students can find methodology templates and pre-written methodologies online. Often, these papers are available in a PDF format. Some researchers and academicians have personal websites that list their previous articles. On one of these sites, students can easily find the dissertation help that they need.

Essay Sites

An essay site is devoted entirely to the writing process. On one of these sites, students can find papers listed according to the writer's academic level. They can search through a variety of different subjects and topics. Depending on the site, these services may be available for free or at a low price.