The 10 Most Intriguing Anthropology Dissertation Ideas

The field of anthropology entails the study of wide array of interesting topics that touch on almost all aspects of our social lives. This presents students with wonderful opportunities conduct research. This is a highlight of the 10 most intriguing anthropology dissertation ideas.

Same Sex Relationships and Violence

While several anthropological studies have been conducted on violence in traditional marriages between partners of the opposite sex, little has been done on social violence within same sex relationships. This reason alone makes topic deserve a spot on the list of the 10 most intriguing anthropology dissertations. Issues such as jealousy, infidelity and government response could be explored.

Anthropological Approaches to Solving the Problem of Trafficking of Female Teenagers

The issue of human trafficking had been receiving increased media attention for some time now. This topic can attempt to establish whether applied anthropology and its observations can help come up with solutions for the problem of ethnically based targeting of teenage girls for human trafficking and sexual abuse. The topic may also evaluate cultures of the individuals involved, and the extent to which the affected cities and towns affect both victims and perpetrators.

Changing Perceptions and Social Structures of Escort Work

Society has witnessed a rapid increase in the number of websites offering escort or “sugar daddy” services. An anthropological study to address the perceptions toward escort work amongst the society, the clients and service providers deserves to be among the 10 most intriguing anthropology dissertation ideas.

Analysis of the Cultural Competence, Differences, and Communication Strategies within Health Care System

This topic can be one of the 10 most intriguing anthropology dissertation ideas because it can expand knowledge about the role of culture, cultural differences and language in medical encounters. The study can explore solutions to problem of the disproportionate access to medical care among ethnic minorities.

Race and Social Relationships and Structures

This topic can attempt to investigate how social relationships in multi-cultural societies are affected by race. The study can conduct an analysis of the specificities of race relations, class, and size of community. This topic can contribute to research in majority race and a country’s race relations by looking at how the dominance of middle class members of the majority race responds to influences that seek to erode its privileges.

How the Anticipation of Violence Affects the lives of Fighters and Society

This topic is one of the 10 most intriguing anthropology dissertation ideas because of the current state of tensions for the outbreak of war in some countries. The study can examine how the constant anticipation of violence affects the lives of militia fighters as well as the society in general.

Psychological and Cultural Adaptations of Migrant Communities

This topic is intriguing because of the current state of constant migration of people from different countries to other countries in pursuit of a better life. The study can explore the important changes that occur among migrant populations. These include issues such as ritual networks, language shift, kinship networks, and the proliferation of different messianic movements.

Influence of Language on Social Life amongst Immigrant Communities

This topic is interesting and relevant to the increase in immigration by people from third world countries to developed countries. The study can examine ways in which language (especially among immigrants) affect issues such as cultural representation, social identity and group membership. The study can address issues such as power, social change and inequality and how they are modified and challenged as interaction between incomers and nationals increases through discourse, language and appreciation of each other’s cultures.

Cultural Variations in Rates of Crime

This topic can be one of the 10 most intriguing anthropology dissertation ideas as it seeks to explore the underlying differences in crime rates across different ethnic populations.

Cultural Variations in Rates of Occurrence of Some Medical Conditions

This topic would be interesting as it expands knowledge into cultural factors that contribute toward the incidence of certain lifestyle diseases.